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Man Program Bundle 3

£ 265 (£ 220 + VAT)
Model: ffics003
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1 x DRIVE (choose a flavor):
1 x DRIVE (choose a flavor):
1 x DRIVE (choose a flavor):


Content of bundle:

  • 1 x Berberine 1 (90pcs)
  • 3 x Pyruvat ONE (120pcs)
  • 3 x DRIVE (choseable flavor)

Duration of program is 100 days. This bundle is 3 months dose. 

DRIVE has been developed especially for form-shaping. It is a product that contains all substances that are needed to aesthetically shape and tighten the forms of your body. This product was made in EU.


Pyruvate ONE is the strongest and most effective fat-burner of the LifeT!LT product portfolio, with proven records of its metabolism accelerating effect. Its effectiveness is proven, simply because it works, thus effective because it accelerates metabolic processes. Metabolic processes, which prevailing acceleration level defines physiological processes within our bodies, such as weight loss or figure shaping. Faster your metabolic processes are, greater and more spectacular will be the results you could achieve. DRIVE contains the adequate amount of ONE for your work-out sessions. This product was made in EU.


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