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Of all studied effects, one of the most significant was Berberine’s blood glucose regulating potential. During a Chinese clinical study course, Berberin’s implications have been studied on Type 2 Diabetes conditions throughout 4 years period, between 2007 and 2011. During this trial, it has been sufficiently as well as scientifically proven that 12 weeks of Berberine treatment could persistently regulate the blood glucose level and significantly improve the IR/PCOS conditions.

According to this clinical trial, it was concluded, that besides its hyperglycaemia reducing attributes, Berberine was able to compensate dyslipidaemia occurring during diabetes conditions, therefore its fat-reducing effect is also remarkable. Dyslipidaemia is a certain lesion, as being one of the major cause of unjustified obesity and large scale fat deposition in the body. Indeed, Dyslipidaemia is resulted of lipodystrophy – disturbed fat metabolism – when the level of fats are reaching a significantly higher value to normal. In most cases, dyslipidaemia is the cause of yo-yo effect, and this lesion is the background for uncontrollable obesity processes. Thus, Berberine successfully demonstrated to offset Dyslipidaemia. A comparison of Berberine vs other blood glucose reducing drugs has also been disclosed in this publication, for example comparing it with Metformin, which is the formula that has been prescribed in the highest number up until today, for women suffering in IR/PCOS caused lesions. Berberine per se, demonstrated to be more effective than Metformin and, in addition, the greatest advantage of Berberine, is, that it works its way of efficacy without causing physical symptoms and discomfort feeling as Metformin does. Berberine’s hypoglycaemic action (blood glucose lowering effect) is a proven fact, however, Berberine’s versatility can be well characterized and proved by results of clinical studies; besides the already mentioned treatment ability of dyslipidaemia, its positive effects on HbA1C (one major parameter examined at diabetes conditions) as well as its co-benefits on cholesterol levels. All these benefits can be proved with research based evidences.